Why Design an Accessible Web-site?

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Collette Costello, for http://www.fashiontechnology.co.uk. Today I’m going to be talking about why you should design your websites be fully accessible, what are the positives that making your website accessible can bring. So first up by making it accessible, you are making it better for everybody, One in five people in the UK have some form of impairment, these impairments could mean that visitors to your website are not able to access your website fully, so you could be missing out on valuable customers. Also everybody at some point is impaired, whether they have forgotten their glasses, or they’re holding a new bar baby, by thinking about accessibility from the start you can create a website that is easier and better for everybody to use. Communication is a big one, a website is just a tool to get your message across and to interact with your customer, it doesn’t need to be limited to just a visual means of communication, by tapping into all senses you can reach more people, for example ensuring your website can be verbally understood when using a screen reader, or captions on a video. Lastly good practice, developing a website that is usable and accessible promotes high quality work, good accessibility means that you rank higher in Google and also if customers have a good experience, especially people with impairments, more people will return and use your website more often. To learn more about accessibility and fashion technology see the rest of my blog http://www.fashiontechnology.co.uk, link is below. I’m Collette Costello

Twitter – @kikufashiontech

You Tube – Kiku Girl

Linkedin – Collette Costello

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