Who is Collette Costello?


Hello I am Collette Costello,

read and watch my videos about the future of fashion, “Wearable Technology”.  Manchester based I have worked in the fashion industry as a commercial designer, started a successful vintage fashion company and lectured in fashion at colleges and universities.  Knowledgeable about the latest fashion technology trends, the emerging future of fashion retail, I also understand the demands of working in the fashion industry, giving advice on organising fashion shows and how to get your dream fashion job;)

You can contact me with any questions, if you would like to work with me or have any other opportunities via:

Facebook – kikucustomkids

E-mail – Collettecostello@googlemail.com

Based in Trafford, Greater Manchester


Check-out my past projects and press coverage! 

Click here to learn more about my vintage fashion company that was based at Salford quays. 

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Kiku Girl – Fashion Technology


  1. […] Check out blog section “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” and Kiku Girl You Tube channel for all the latest in Fashion Technology, the future of fashion.  Learn more about Kiku Girl and the brains behind it me Collette Costello by checking out my blog post “Who is Kiku Girl’s Collette Costello?”. […]


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