Who is Kiku Girl’s Fashion Technology Blogger Collette Costello?


Hello I am Collette Costello,

the brains behind fashion technology blog Kiku Girl, educating females in STEM technology career opportunities.  A Manchester fashion technology blogger and wearable technology fashion designer, I have worked in the fashion industry as a commercial designer, started a successful vintage fashion company and lectured in fashion at colleges and universities.  Knowledgeable about the latest fashion technology trends, the emerging future of fashion retail, I also understand the demands of working in the fashion industry, giving advice on organising fashion shows and how to get your dream fashion job.  Now a mum, I also have dyslexia, so all the spelling mistakes on the blog are my own;)

You can contact me with any questions, if you would like to work with me or have any other opportunities via:

Twitter – @kikufashiontech

You Tube – Kiku Girl

Linkedin – Collette Costello


Press Contact Details –

E-mail – Collettecostello@gmail.com

Press Only Phone – 0774 625 4907

Based in Trafford, Greater Manchester


About Me


Kiku Girl is a fashion blog with a technology twist, aimed at getting young women interested in STEM careers by showing them the future of fashion.  My blog posts, videos are designed to make fashion technology more accessible to younger people, showing how new technologies can and will be used in the world of fashion design, manufacturing and retail.  Technology is an area where females are still under-represented, my blog aims to show technology can be fun, exciting, by showing examples of how it can be used to make light-up dresses, colour changing hair dyes, things that young women, the future of our industries can relate to and help them understand the STEM career options available to them.  


I am a qualified college fashion lecturer and have spent years working with young People.  A lot of clothing production takes place abroad now and new technologies such as on-line shopping are bringing back fashion employment opportunities for young people here in the U.K, with companies such as ASOS big employers.  I have always been interested in what is next in fashion and find what technology can bring to fashion exciting, I love seeing new ideas such as about how we will shop in the future. My blog aims to pass on this knowledge and create employment opportunities for young women, by educating them about the future if fashion technology and wearables.


Fashion technology is my specialist area, in the past I have also worked in the fashion industry as a commercial designer, started a on-line fashion company alongside my positions lecturing in fashion at colleges and universities.  I have spent many years building my experience of fashion technology, wearables and enjoy passing this knowledge on to help others.


Fashion technology is a fast moving industry,  I started one of the first on-line fashion retail companies.  Once a technology becomes successful the big companies, with lots of money adopt the ideas and it becomes hard as a independent to compete, as my company did.  The secret is to be ahead of the game and at the cutting edge of new fashion technologies and wearables, to be knowledgable, writing about them before they hit the mainstream and this is what my blog aims to do.


I enjoy all the opportunities new technologies have brought me, such as starting my own on-line fashion company that was featured by the BBC and as part of a Kenco coffee advertising campaign.  Seeing my students progressed onto university degrees and contacting me about jobs they have been offered in fashion has been rewarding. I am also proud of my blog, I aim to build a Fashion Technology, wearables scene in Manchester my home city and to hopefully inspired the wearable technologists of the future.


When I started my fashion technology blog I did think where do I fit in, I was not young and funky like Zoella, I was not an electronics or programming expert.  What I had was a genuine interest in fashion technology, wearables and a host of experience, everything from clothing manufacturing processes, to selling clothing on-line and this is knowledge was what I could offer to young women interested in a career in fashion in the future.


Women are in the minority in the technology industry, I believe they offer a whole host of skills that will become more valuable as technology begins to merge more with traditionally female dominated areas such as fashion.  As technology and fashion become more entwined, as 3D print, LED lights, electronics, robotics and augmented reality become the norm in fashion, maybe in the future to even get on a fashion degree you will need to have a Physics and Maths ‘A’ Level.  I believe that it is important that technology is not seen as being intimidating, boring and put off creative women from entering this emerging industry.


When writing a blog remember you are writing for your audience,  ensure you understand them and what they are interested in reading about.  I have designed my fashion technology blog to appeal to young women by covering exciting, new topics they would be interested in such as light-up eyelashes, pattern changing dresses and virtual changing rooms.

Fashion Tech?

I believe the future of fashion in the near future will be in fashion retail, the way we shop with augmented reality becoming part of our in-store and on-line shopping experience, everything from 3D body scanners, virtual changing rooms and targeted advertising.  Wearable technology will be seen in sport-wear and accessories, such as fashion smart watches like those by Kate Spade, however in fashion clothing I think wearable technology is still to find its niche, light-up party dresses maybe the first step.

Check-out my past projects and press coverage! 

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Kiku Girl – Fashion Technology

Key Skills:
• PPC Campaign Management
• Project Mangement
• Social Media Management
• Ecommerce Management
• Digital Design Photoshop/ Illustrator
• WordPress/ Jigoshop
• Content Writer Management
• Digital Marketing Executive
• UX Tester/User – Web-site Usability
• Lecturing in Universities & Colleges
• Wearable Technology Research & Development


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