Applying for Fashion Jobs at Recruitment Agencies by Collette Costello – Surviving a Career in Fashion Series.

Firstly I have never had to rely on a recruitment agency get me a job in Fashion, if you look at my CV on Linkedin, you will see I have had jobs working in the industry and have always got them by contacting the companies myself by sending my CV, or by doing my own research into jobs being advertised directly by the companies and applying for them.

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Beware of the Big, Bad Recruitment Agent.

I have however had dealings with them with for other jobs such as clerical, teaching roles and unfortunately have found it more often then not to be a negative experience.  So if you want to cut out the middle man and find out more about “Searching for Jobs in Fashion”, check out my blog post.

Recruitment agents are notorious for their dodgy behaviour so beware before working with them .  Some tactics are if you send your CV to recruitment agency or up-load it onto a jobs web-site, often a recruitment agent will ring your employer offering candidates for the job you are still working in which can make it awkward with your employer.  Jobs advertised by recruitment agents very often do not always exist, agents very often work on commission and get paid for the number of CVs they can collect.  They will contact you maybe on Linked-in asking for your CV, only send it if you believe there are opportunities.  Finally they can be rude, I have been shouted at by agents when I have refused to take jobs and lied to about a job role only to start it and find it is not what I wanted.

Top Tip on Looking for Work with Fashion Recruitment Agents.

  • Top Tip!!!  They are not your only option, if possible cut out the middle man, do your own research and find companies that employ people for the fashion jobs you want, go on Linked-in see if they have any jobs advertised or connect with managers, HR people stating your skills and employment interests.
  • Recruitment agents specialise in different industries, so seek out fashion specialists that have links to companies you have an interest in working for, its easy to waste your time signing up to agencies that will not give you what you want.
  • Be forward ask what jobs they currently have available, what skills are they looking for, which companies are they recruiting for and has your CV been sent to them.
  • Recruitment agents can get paid up to £6,000 for each person that gets a job by the company employing or a percentage of your wage, so always negotiate on your pay.
  • Recruitment agents often have no fashion background or knowledge, so before you waste your time applying or going for an interview make sure it is the job you want and you have the skills for it.
  • Remember the agents work for you, so be clear on what you want and always ask for feedback after an interview, why did you not get the job so you can work on this area for next time.
  • Recruitment agents are notorious for being bullies, as they are making money out of your job they may try and pressurise you into taking an unsuitable job, be sure to research the job and be prepared to say no if necessary.

It is easy to get demoralised when dealing with recruitment agents, if you are getting no interest this maybe due to the recruitment agent not understanding your CV.  You may want to be a Digital Fashion Designer, a recruitment agent may have a job for a CAD designer, as they have no fashion knowledge they will not realise it is the same job, so be prepared to change your CV making sure you use the same words to describe your skills as they do in their advert.  Good luck and to learn more check out my blog post “Applying for Jobs in Fashion” for more CV tips.




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