How to On-line Fashion CV Linkedin Profile Amazing by Collette Costello – Surviving a Career in Fashion Series

Linkedin I use for my on-line digital fashion CV, it has been ranked as “All Star” which is the best it can be, so take a peak at my Collette Costello Linkedin Profile for ideas.  It is the only form of CV I now have, I ensure to up-date it every few months, if I change jobs, do a course, it’s all added to my profile.  Most modern forward thinking companies will be happy to just look at a link for your profile and you should not really need a traditional Word CV.  To make you CV, Linkedin profile “All Star” check out my tips.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 13.39.06.png

All Star Profile Top Tips:

  • List all your qualifications, courses studied even if you did not pass (at least you tried), include dates, name of institute and grades.
  • Work experience, make sure you have no big gaps in your work history as employers really look for this.  If you were out of work for a year, write positive things you did, looking after your children, doing a course or blogging regularly.
  • If you have been self-employed make it official, register yourself as a company on Linkedin with your own icon, it makes you look more professional.
  • Make as many connections in the industry as you can, some people are choosy about who they connect with.  My attitude is accept everyone, as you never know when an opportunity may come.
  • List the main skills you can offer an employer, then get your connections to endorse you for them.  This acts a bit like a reference on a traditional CV, especially if you get your employers to do it.
  • Find fashion groups and companies on Linkedin, join and like them.  They will then show on your profile, confirming you have a real interest in the fashion industry.
  • Social media presence, blogging is everything now, so be sure to add all links to your profile, again showing you are passionate about working in fashion.
  • Post articles, videos and links.  Just like on social media Linkedin has its own community so get connected by liking other peoples post or posting your own.
  • Job title, this one is just a suggestion.  Sometimes rather then have your main job title as the job you currently do, an idea is to have instead the job you want to do, so employers will find you when head hunting.
  • Career interest “ON”, Linkedin has a setting to show that you are currently looking for opportunities, so let the world know you are open for business.

Good luck with your on-line fashion CV and check out the rest of my “Surviving a Career in Fashion” series, for more fashion careers advice with more articles such as “How to Find a Job in Fashion”.

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