How to Organise a Fashion Show by Collette Costello – How to Start a Fashion Company Series

To Organise a Fashion Show you will need:

• A Venue
• Models
• Designers
• Catwalk
• Music
• Make-up Artists
• Promotional Material

Fashion Shows:

• Fashion shows are a great way for designers to gain exposure, models to
get experience and for events organisers to add to their CV.
• Organising a fashion show can be great fun, it is a brilliant way to meet
people and get involved in the local community. It takes a person with a
professional approach, excellent organisation and good social skills to pull
of a successful fashion show.
• If you have never organised a fashion show read my tips below and give it
a go. Enthusiasm counts for a lot and you may unlock hidden talents.
Fashion People:
• Create a buzz around your fashion show by getting fashion minded people
involved, advertise on Facebook, Twitter and Gumtree. Post adverts
looking for models, photographers, make-up artists, designers, front of
house and backstage helpers.
• Organise a fashion show recruitment meeting, where you can meet
anyone interested in getting involved and swap ideas. You will need to set
a firm deadline for the show and present recruits with a list of meetings,
any rehearsals at the earliest opportunity.
• Once you have the right people, with the right skills on board you can
really start planning. Make sure everyone involved is given a role and is
fully briefed on their responsibilities.

Marketing your event & Fund Raising:

• Advertise your fashion show in as many places as possible. Use online
networking such as Facebook, Twitter,viral e-mails and Gumtree to
advertise your event.
• Approach your local newspaper, ask them to do an article about the
fashion show. Print or make posters and flyers, distribute them in colleges,
community centres and nightspots. Finally do not forget good old word of
mouth, the more people that are involved in the show the quicker the
word spreads and the more tickets you will sell.
• Negotiate a free venue by offering a percentage of ticket sales or by
guaranteeing numbers attending for money behind the bar. Offer
incentives for people and businesses to get involved free of charge, by
offering free advertising space in promotional material. This can be used
as exchange for their time, items for the raffles, goodies bags or
sponsorship deals.
• Sell tickets in advance for the show, include extras such as goodies bags
and free raffles tickets. Ask individuals or businesses for sponsorship, offer
different level sponsorship packages for example £20.00 sponsorship
includes advert in programme, forty pound includes advert in programme
and advert on posters.
• Any profit made is at your discretion, a better idea is to donate it to a local
charity. People will work harder and be more generous if they know any
money raised is going to a good cause.


• Before the big night have full walk through, dress rehearsal. Planning
every second of the show is a must, timing is key to all running smoothly
on the night. The fashion show will need to be broken down into scenes, a
scene is maybe a designers collection or a break for the raffle.
• Produce a detailed line-up for the fashion show. Consider what order are
the designers scenes going, which models have they been allocated and
how many clothes as being shown per scene. Ask will the models have
enough time to change garments, to assist breaks for the raffle and guest
speaker can be slotted in between designers collections.
• Remember models, stylists and designers need to arrive early at least an
hour before the show. They will need time to get organised for example
getting models hair and make-up ready.
• Front of house staff will be needed to work on the door checking tickets,
showing guests to seat, distributing programmes and answering any
questions. You will need to nominate a stage manager to control the music
and lighting, they will need a good view of the catwalk and have all
equipment necessary.

The Big Night:

• It’s show time, lights, cameras and models at the ready. Get your show
rocking with up-beat music and an enthusiastic introduction from the
fashion show host.
• To create a real buzz invite local journalist and photographers. Give them
prime position at the end of the catwalk, cameras flashing as models pose
and strut will create a real catwalk atmosphere. Add a extra dimension to
your fashion show by including a charity auction and guest speakers, this
will keep the audience interested between scenes and encourages
audience participation.
• Why not have a X factor style panel made up of local celebrities, make it
their job to judge the designers work and select a winning collection.
• In true catwalk style, end the show with designers and models on stage to
receive their applause from the audience. Remember to thank all involved,
from the make-up artists to the ticket collectors on the door.
• The buzz on the night is a really great feeling, the more you plan in
advance the more you will enjoy the show. Good luck!

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