Top Fashion Trade Shows Start-ups by Collette Costello – Surviving a Career in Fashion Series

Fashion trade shows are always really exciting events to go to and the nearly of the ones listed below I have personally visited.  If you want to stay on top of whats new in the fashion industry, find contacts, suppliers and attend lectures about emerging fashion trends they are the place to visit.

You maybe looking to take part in a trade show to get your name out there or just to pay a visit for inspiration.  In my list I have included a range of must visit trade shows for your needs, suitable for students, new designers, start-up companies, established brands and forward thinking fashion technology companies.

New Designers

Clothes Show Live

When working as a college lecturer we used to take the students every year and they loved it.  Clothes Show Live is really fun, has a great theatrical catwalk show and lots of stalls selling perfumes, handbags and make-up.  Fun is what it is all about, maybe not the place to view high-end fashion, however if you looking to sell affordable products to the teenage girls market this is your place.

New Designers 

The name says it all, a showcase of the work of new designers often still in university or recent graduates.  The work shown is often excellent, textile prints for fashion and interiors are very popular with trade professionals that visit the show, so a good place to get spotted and sell your work.

Graduate Fashion Week 

A show attended by all good degree fashion courses, with each university having a stand to showcase students work, along with being show in the catwalk show.  Another show to get spotted at, as it is attended by trade professionals looking for new talent and often awards are given out by companies for best in show.


Start-up Companies/ Established Brands

Indigo/ Premier Vision

Premier Vision is the big colour prediction trade show, textile companies will show there taking orders for prints, dyed fabrics in the next seasons colours.  The show has a section showcasing the predicted colours for the following year, these colours can be accessed on-line so no need to visit just for that.  I found visiting Premier Vision Paris quite surprising it was mainly a massive room full of mainly enclosed areas, the textile companies were very selective about who saw their samples and had walls around their spaces.  The indigo section however showcased new textile designers prints and often trade professions would by the sample from them for commercial use.

Pure London


Bread and Butter

These three fashion trade shows are standard exhibitions designed for established companies.  I have been to Pure and worked on a stand at Moda in Birmingham NEC.  Usually clothing manufacturers or wholesalers will display their samples for the next seasons for buyers to come view and make orders.  The stand owners again can be very secretive about their designs, often they will not even let you inside without an appointment.  These shows do however have lecturers, guest speakers and will have catwalk shows that you can visit, sometimes it is just good to go for the experience.

Wearable Technology Show

To stay on top of developments in the future of fashion, the Wearable Technology Show is the place to visit.  Lots of new companies showcase their innovate ideas, with smart textiles, performance sport and emerging technologies on display.  Many lecturers take place on topics such as augmented reality, connected technology and virtual reality, by companies such as Google.




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