How to Use Google Shopping, Adsense & Business Listings by Collette Costello – How to Start a Fashion Company Series

If you are a Blogger, Vlogger, Fashion Designer, small independent fashion boutique owner or Social Media PR Consultant, getting your social media profile or web-site seen on the internet will be part of the key to being successful.

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I had many opportunities come to me as a small fashion business owner by getting my web-site to feature on the front page of Google for “Manchester Fashion” and seen by thousand of people monthly, if you can do this other companies will even pay to advertise on your web-site.

Google Business Listings

Getting your business seen on the internet, it showing up in customer searches is all about Google trusting you.  Make sure you add your company to Google Business Listings, you need to have a physical address and they will send you a post card with a code you need to enter to check it is real.  This helps build trust with Google and your web-site ranking should improve.

Google Adsense – Paid for Internet Advertising

Google Ads are the web-sites you see listed right at the top of the page when you search for something, with a little box saying Ads next to them.  Recently I have used Google Adsense to sell some of my t-shirt designs, they always have offers on so if you spend £25 you could get an extra £75 in free adverts.  I find Google Adsense really easy to use, you just have to think about who you want to sell too, be able to describe what you are selling, these are called keywords and choose how much you want to spend a day, I choose to spend only £1.  You pay a certain amount every-time someone clicks on your advert and visits your web-site.

Google Keywords – Get Seen in Google Searches

When choosing your keywords look at what words your competitors are using, for companies selling similar items look at the words they use to describe the products.  Use Googles tools such as Keyword Planner and Google Trends you help you.  The Keyword Planner will tell you how many people search for a word and how much competition you have, you are looking for words with high search terms and low competition.  I designed some custom printed baby grown’s especially because I found “New Born Baby Gifts” had a lot of people looking, but not many people selling. Google trends shows you what topics people are searching for at the moment, I looked today and Strictly Come Dancing is massive at the moment, an idea if you are selling dresses would be to describe them as “Strictly Come Dancing” style dresses.

Google Shopping Merchant Centre – Sell to More customers

Google Shopping you will often see at the top of your Google search, getting your products onto it increases your chances of sales massively, as not many smaller companies really use Google shopping it is a good opportunity to get your items in front of people.  To link your web-site to Google Shopping, you need to sign-up for the Merchant Centre.  You need to have your own web-site with a shop already on it showing the items you have for sale, I tried to link to my Ebay shop and it would not let me.  Once you have sign-in and completed your business information you need to click products and link your items.  I must admit doing this is tedious process and it can be quite difficult, you need a UPC/ EAN numbers, barcode number which can be purchased for cheap on Ebay.  In a lot of the product description boxes I did not understand what to put, it is really is something for people that are quite computer savvy.  If you get stuck check out Google Merchants Help Section.


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