How to Use Social Media Marketing in 2018 by Collette Costello – How to Start a Fashion Company Series

How you market yourself, a company, or a products changes all the time, as trends change.  Traditionally marketing was getting seen in magazines, newspaper, TV adverts and Google searches.  Now social media is where its at, with bloggers, You Tubers, Instagram Stars and Snap Chat Celebrities finding massive fame and exposure.

Recently I have been marketing Kiku Girls so have been trying out different ways to get seen and connected with people.  When I started my original fashion company I used traditional methods to get noticed, now I am using really only social media, this is where it is at now even with the big brands.

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There is no quick way to get noticed on social media, to build up your brand will take two years.  It is always quicker if you can afford to pay to promote your posts, or you can use apps to increase your followers.  The best route is to do a bit of everything, have a website with blog, get clogging and get connecting on Twitter, Instagram.  Post everyday quality stuff and slowly but surly it will build up, be patient.   Here are the social media platforms, apps I have been using:

Twitter Great for Connecting

Loads of blogs say that Twitter has had its day, as young people don’t use it and it will go under in the next few years.  I am unsure this will happen, loads of You Tubers still use Twitter to keep in contact with their followers and to send up-dates about when they will be posting their next fashion haul, make-up tutorial or DIY hair video.  The great thing about Twitter is even really famous people check it and have their own accounts, so if you want to contact someone like a blogger or local boutique you will usually get a reply through Twitter.  Follow Kiku Girl on Twitter! 

Periscope Great for Big Live Events

If you are new to Periscope it is a bit like sharing a live video on Instagram, once a video has been shared live its gone.  You can search videos by channel, subject, user or location and people can comment on your video as it being filmed so you can interact.  It is great for events, you could set-up a live broadcasts for a fashion show or a talk for people who cannot attend and still want to be involved, whilst writing this I was watching a live stream from Tokyo Fashion Week.  The issue with live streaming, I like always like have a record of what I have done and the idea of it just disappearing after filming I always feel is a waste, so maybe use You Tube as back-up so your followers can see more videos at all times.

Facebook Great for Real People

I used Facebook Adverts recently when promoting my kids wear range, I started a Facebook page, paid £1 a day and after a month had 200 likes, followers.  Facebook is good for something like children’s clothing as you can choose exactly who will see your targeted advertising, I could make sure mums, dads saw what I was doing.  I had a link on my page to my Ebay shop and quite a few sales came from customers that followed my page.  Facebook is good for real people, Twitter and Instagram have a lot of robots using them and often people are tweeting from Tweet Deck, Hootsuite so maybe only go on once a week, sometimes you can be talking to nobody.  Facebook users are usually on a few times a day checking their status, it is used more now by middle age people and you its hard to get more page likes without paying.

You Tube Great for Professional Looking Videos

You Tubers are such stars now that celebrity Vlogger Zoella has her own beauty range selling Boots and Super-drug.  Viewers go on You tube for DIY tutorials in fashion, hair and make-up tips, shopping hauls and products reviews, with vloggers posting weekly videos they get a great following.  You Tubers get sent loads of products of companies for them to review and some asked to give discount codes for well known stores such as Miss-guided.  I have started my own You Tube Channel Kiku Girl, giving advice about working in fashion, careers and trend predictions.  My videos are always there to be seen, people can subscribe to me and I can see my views, unlike Instagram, Live board-casts I can edit my videos in I-movie to make them more exciting after they have been filmed by adding my own photos so I really like this about You Tube.

Bloggers Great for Connecting with More Followers

Becoming famous on social media is definitely the thing at the moment and a lot of, celebrities, bloggers, companies do not even bother having a web-site, a written blog anymore.  I have started this blog as I still think it good to get seen on Google and a good web-site will still do this..  To kick start your brand by connecting with similar bloggers, vloggers, get them to write about you, ask them to give you an mention on Instagram or ask their followers to follow you on Twitter.  You will instantly have contact with loads of people, who are interested in your brand.  Bloggers, You Tubers are like celebrities these days so they not give you a look in unless you can give them something in return, so think give-ways, reviews of how great they are and invites to exciting events for them to write about.

Instagram Great for Lifestyle Brands

The great successes of the social media marketing world, with stories of how people got Insta-famous in a few weeks getting 100k plus followers.  Instagram has loads of apps to improve your posts.  Popular posts are collaged images, Insta-stories with overlays, quotes, make-up images are massive and short videos weirdly ones with slime being squashed!  It is perfect for lifestyle brands, bloggers, celebrities who get out there meeting people, going to events and doing cool things to tagged in their posts, living the trendy lifestyle.  When you add a photograph or a video to get seen add as many hash tags as you can, to gain followers like other peoples images or comment on them for a follow.  Personally I find Instagram, is Insta-spam, too may automated followers that unfollow after a few days, likes, comments on post don’t seem genuine, just for follows, finding it’s a bit of a scrabble for most followers.   I also have loads of great photographs, videos not taken on my phone that are a really pain to get seen on Instagram.  It seems to work for a lot of people, just not for me.

Good luck with your social media marketing, connect with me Collette Costello at Kiku Girl and I will happily work with you in anyway I can.





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