Manchester’s Wearable Technology & Digital Fashion Scene 2017 by Collette Costello – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology


Thriving On-line Digital Fashion Scene!

Manchester is the hub of on-line retail fashion start-up companies, with big name fashion brands making innovate leaps here during the e-commerce boom, including Boohoo.  To learn more about these companies check out my post “Manchester On-line Fashion Companies”.  I started to write this article to showcase the Fashion Technology scene in Manchester, outside of these companies I found instead maybe it is a grower.

Manchester Lacking Wearable Technology Companies?

At the moment wearable technology companies are lacking, is only home at the moment to a handful of wearable technology companies, ones I have found include Smart Kem and Smart Life focused on health and fitness clothing.  I am yet to see any creative fashion like that designed by Cute Circuit or innovate high-street clothing like the Levi’s Jacquard jacket come out of Manchester.

Is Manchester Digital Fashion Scene Late to the Party?

As a Manchester fashion blogger with a keen interest in the future of fashion I am always keen to attend fashion tech events, trade-shows and conferences, compared to London to Manchester is lacking in this area.  As the home to Manchester University that invented the smart material Graphene and three other respected universities offering Fashion degrees, again little commercial wearable technology work is coming out of the universities.

So What is the Future of Fashion in Manchester?

I believe the future of digital fashion, wearable technology in Manchester will be, firstly by established on-line companies such as Boohoo using technology such as augmented reality for digital marketing, see my blog post “Smart Shops & Smart Fabrics, Future of Fashion Retail Top 10” and video above.  Recently in Manchester there was an event called Digital Fashion Futures in conjunction with BBC Academy, MMU have advertised for a Wearable Technology Professor and now offer a Fashion Futures degree, Manchester Girl Geeks offer regular electronic workshops to young people at Trafford Fablab and The Sharp Project.  All this extra work that is being done to get young people interested in this area may lead to an explosion of wearable technology companies in Manchester and the digital fashion technology scene in Manchester will be born.

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