How to Make Light-up Clothes, Sew LEDs Circuits onto Fabric by Collette Costello – Fashion Courses & Short Online Tutorials Series

Wearable technology is a new and exciting area to explore for fashion designers.  Light-up dresses make a great impact on the catwalk and are now worn by celebrities such as Claire Danes on the red carpet, as designed by Zac Posen.  If you want to have a go making your own LED light-up dress, check out my tutorial below.

To Sew a LED Circuit onto Fabric you will need:

Conductive Thread

Sewing Needle

Coin Battery 

Coin Battery Retainer

LED Board (Light)

How to Sew your LED Circuit onto Fabric

  1. Draw a square on your fabric.
  2. Place the LED board and coin battery retainer at opposite sides.
  3. Join the two using the conductive thread with a running stitch.
  4. Make sure the battery retainer is joined one side at the – sign, the other side +.
  5. Place your battery in the coin retainer and the light will come on.
  6. Use a press stud to create a on and off switch, leave a gap between the two studs.

Here is a handy video showing you how to sew your LED board circuit onto fabric.

Check out Kitronik for more information on making e-textiles, they have many great videos such as the one above and have a well stocked shop for all your supplies.  To learn more about making “Wearable Technology” check out the rest of my blog post as part the “Fashion Courses & Short On-line Tutorials” series.

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