How to Make a Fashion Mood-board by Collette Costello – Fashion Courses & Short Online Tutorials Series

As a fashion designer every project, collection design will be started with a research mood-board.  Simply it is a visual fashion board where you display the best of your research to create the mood, look for your fashion design.


You mood-board will include:

    • Theme Title
    • Inspiring Images
    • Colour Palette
    • Fabric Samples
    • Garment Styles
    • Print Patterns
    • Embellishments

Mood-board Paper Vs Digital 

When I do fashion project research now I do it mainly on the internet, I find Pinterest is a quick easy way to collect research and sometimes I just use my Pinterest board as a mood-board, see “How to Create a Mood-board on Pinterest”.  I will sometimes use Photo-shop or Illustrator to create a digital mood-board if I need to show it to a fashion client or designer I am working with.

It is however sometimes nice to have a paper mood-board that you can stick fabric samples onto, there is no right or wrong way of doing it, as long as you are getting the information you need to design a collection.

Mood-board Top Tips

    • Leave space on your mood-board, try not to over clutter.
    • Less is more, be selective about what you put on, make your theme clear.
    • Get your research on-line, magazines, books, fabric shops and photographs.

An ex-student of mine called Rachel created this mood-board below using Illustrator, yours does not have to include titles and boxes, however what is good about this is you can clearly see the design elements she has pulled from her Swan Collection research.


You Tube is full of videos on how to make fashion mood-boards and if you have digital skills in Photo-shop, Illustrator there are loads of tutorials.  To learn more about fashion skills, check out my blog section “Fashion Courses & Short On-line Tutorials”.

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