Female Inequality in STEM Jobs, Careers and Workplace Collection – Fashion Collections by Collette Costello Series

A funny video showing what happened when trying to work from home, filming a voice over for my blog video, with toddler, baby in tow!

More seriously female inequality is still found in the workplace, in STEM jobs and careers although a lot of work is being done to improve this.  I have designed this collection, some based on my own experiences of career and job opportunities available to women. If you are press that want to write about the collection, contact me via Twitter @kikugirls.  Below are some of my personal experiences of inequality as a women in the workplace and how becoming a mum has effected my options.


Female Opportunities in the Workplace

All over Twitter and the news at the moment are examples of how in the workplace women are being taken advantage off and face daily inequality in their jobs.  However at the same time work is being done in industry by STEM organisations and the media such as Radio 5 Mums Take Over to high-light and improve inequality faced by females, I think we still have along way to go.

Personal Experiences of Career Inequality Faced as a Female in the Workplace

As an experienced Fashion Lecturer and Fashion Designer, since getting married and becoming a mum I have found my own career options significantly narrowed.  To even work in the first place I have to pay for childcare which is up to £50 per day, cutting my pay in half immediately and employers as I high-light below are put off by employing females of child bearing age.

  • My first experience of direct inequality as a female in the workplace was during my first job as a fashion designer.  I was told by colleagues at 27 they were surprised I had been hired as I was close to the edge of motherhood and that as a women they expected me not be there in a year as the boss bullied younger women.
  • Most recently I went for a job in digital marketing, I had just turned 33 and told the interviewer that I had got married and been traveling for a month round Australia.  I did not get the job, I was told it was because they wanted someone younger who would fit in with the team.
  • Last year I applied for a flex-time role in a Manchester university and was given an interview immediately, I asked to speak to them on Skype as at this point I was 9 months pregnant.  The role would have started when my baby was five months old, when I told them I was pregnant they could not get off Skype quick enough and suddenly the role had already been filled.

Ageing Fashion Blogger

I spend my time now working as a fashion blogger using my experience to give advice on how to start a fashion company and advancements in wearable technology.  As I am over 35 going on social media to promote myself, I struggle see where I fit it.  Big fashion bloggers are mainly young, heavily made-up, big eyebrows and crop tops, that would just look ridiculous on me now.  I have decided I am just going to be myself, I considered keeping quiet about the fact I was older, a mum and married as it made me boring, however how will things ever change if women are instantly put in a boring box once they becoming these things.  I hope my collection will high-light some of the struggles women face in their careers and to break down some of them boundaries.

To learn about my experiences working in fashion check out the rest of my blog post and contact me @kikugirls on twitter with any comments.

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