How to Sell Fashion at Vintage Markets, Top Tips by Collette Costello – How to Start a Fashion Company Series

Vintage fashion markets are a good place to start selling your designs, unlike the risk of owning a shop you can hire a stall for the weekend and test which of your designs are more popular with customers.  Unlike on the internet usually if you get your fashion stock in front of people they are more likely to buy, a vintage market is a great place to test which designs will sell at what price and to get your brand out there.  I have taken part in quite a few vintage fashion markets including The Vintage Village, on average I would sell £250 per day, so here are my top tips below


  • Stall Position – Experienced vintage fashion fair stall holders will make sure they have a good position, facing outwards and near the front.
  • Stall Layout – Full, busy vintage fashion stalls attract attention, give customers chance to rummage and spend time there.
  • Customers – People looking at your stall will attract more customers, an empty stall can be intimidating, so try standing round the front tidying stock when its quite.
  • Look Busy – Stall holders watching constantly puts off customers, simply say hello to be friendly and busy yourself with sorting fashion stock.
  • Display Brand – Your stall is a great advertising opportunity, display your brand name and social media links big and clearly to customers.
  • Clear Prices – Have really big clear prices, customers often won’t bother asking the price, if they are on display it will encourage a sale.
  • Expensive & Cheap – As a rule items under £5 sell best, combine your cheaper items with a few more expensive ones.
  • Add Sale Labels – Add labels like today only price, two for one and sample sale to your fashion items to encourage customers to buy now.
  • Reduce Prices – During the day reduce prices if not selling, make it clear to customers you have done this, better to go home with a profit then loads of stock.
  • Sell Handbags & Purses – Fill your vintage fashion market stall with items that don’t need trying on, reducing issues with fit and changing rooms.
  • Don’t Sell Shoes – Shoes you need to have available in all different sizes and they can take up loads of room on your stall.
  • Gifts Items  Customers at vintage markets are usually buying gifts, so offer personalised items for friends and family.
  • Refuse to Pay Organisers – If you feel the vintage market was a waste of time, no customers, no sales all round refuse to pay the organisers as you are paying them to promote the event, bring in customers.

To find out more about selling your fashion stock check out the rest my blog section “How to Start a Fashion Company”.

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