Top Wearable Technology Fashion Brand Labels by Collette Costello – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

Many wearable technology companies are out there, only a few however have created fashionable, stylish, on trend products.  Below are my top wearable technology brands that have managed to successfully combine fashion and technology.

Unseen by Lauren Bowker

I meet Lauren Bowker at a design event at MMU, as a ex-student of the university.  She talked about how she developed her first collection whilst studying at the university, which led to the rest of her designs that can be described a chemical technology.  Lauren’s designs including handbags, headpieces, are coated with inks that react to changes in the environment by changing colour.  Her pieces are very much designer, however recently she has gone high-street with her “Articles” collection selling in Selfridges.

Cute Circuit

Cute Circuit are the Vivianne Westwood, Alexander McQueen of the wearable technology fashion world.  They are really inspiring and I would love to spend all day coming up with ideas for their collections.  They push the boundaries of technology in clothing, whilst creating catwalk level, fashionable garments.  Cute circuit designs include the “Hug Shirt” a garment with sensors built in so you can send and receive hugs, the Twitter dress displaying your latest tweets, the “Galaxy Dress” an amazing technicolour light-up dress.  If you truly want to be inspired by wearable technology and how it can be used in fashion check this brand out.

VFiles XO

The company behind the famous Lady Gaga flying dress, have since produced a more high-street fashion collections of “Fibre Optic” light up t-shirts and Caps that can be powered by your phone shown at New York Fashion Week.  A cutting edge wearable technology company, they are an ultra trendy fashion brand, are getting noticed in the high-end fashion world and their designs can easily be worn without being too over the top.

Levis Jacquard Jacket

This is Levi’s jacket is the most high-street and “normal” piece of wearable technology that is available to buy now after years of development by Google.  Jacquard is a touch sensitive fabric, acts like the touch screen of a phone and could be used to power things such as your music playlist.  Unlike the other fashion wearable technology, it is not gimmicky, you could easily wear this jacket without looking like a Blade Runner reject and it is useful.  This maybe actually be the future of fashion wearable technology, just normal clothes with hidden technology, a bit boring when we could be having lots of fun with light-up garments.


Another brand that is integrating technology into fashion clothing in a non-intrusive way, with sport-wear that monitors the heart rate, temperature, breathing patterns, stress  of the wearer’s and adapts to environment, temperature, air levels, GPS and social setting changes accordingly.  Its not all safe they do have a Lab section to their brand where they are developing experimental pieces with Intel, creating “Electroluminescent Garments” along with other designs.

Rainbow Winters

Rainbow Winters collection of couture dresses are experimental fashion technology pieces developed by Dr Amy Winters, she develops fabrics that react to light, sound, speed and moisture.  Her designs include printed dresses, with photochromic inks that change colour in sunlight and dresses made with fabrics that when stretched also change colour.  Amy is most famous for her Thunderstorm dress that lights-up to the beat of music and her Electric Garden dress that changes colour when touched.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade is one of the few fashion technology designers that has products that are actually selling in department stores, on-line at affordable prices.  Her designers are fashionable, on trend and look like finished products that you could match with your outfit.  Kate’s wearable technology items include a rose gold touch screen smart watch, you can down-load apps on the watch linking it to your social media accounts and do other things like check the weather; other items include a stylish Fit Bit wristband and Selfie key-ring that you can take photographs with.

To learn more about “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” check out the rest of my blog.

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