Wearable Technology Light-up Handbag Ideas by Collette Costello – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

To have a little fun with wearable technology I made a collection of light-up handbags with a Japanese kawaii twist, also dressing myself up as a fashion robot to model them using augmented reality.

Having zero electronics experience I simply raided the local tat shops, buying fibre optics and LED lights that were all battery powered, the type of things that you would decorate your bedroom with.  Lights with flowers, butterflies were great to use and I found some that were solar powered, that only came on when it was dark.  On one of the handbags I even used LED shoelaces ordered online that changed colour when switched on.  I simply glued the lights to PVC handbags and decorated them with stickers and accessories doing different themes such as a Valentines Day, Easter, Floral Bridesmaids handbags.  I knew that handbags could not be sold as they would pose health & safety risks, for children or if they got wet, so my designs are only for showing ideas.

I hope my handbags inspire you to have fun with wearable technology, proving you just need to be creative.  To learn more about wearable technology check out the rest of my blog section “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology”.

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