Light-up LED Eyelashes F.lashes & Shift Wear Trainers by Collette Costello – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series


Wearable technology has been around for a while now in clothing and sportswear, F.lashes light-up LED eyelashes are the first time I have seen this technology used for cosmetics and make-up.  The team behind the eyelashes are Tien Pham & Davey Taylor – Tavey Designs, showcasing their idea at this years CES 2018 and I think they are great, like something out of the Hunger Games.  Something that can be worn on a night-out, to a concert as they flash and pulse with your movements.  The technology behind them is simple, yet they are effective brightening any outfit.  The question is will they catch on?, They are not really a wearable item at the moment as they involve wire and batteries wrapped round your head and they are quite expensive, however with some improvements they could be the gateway product for wearable technology finally breaking into the high-street fashion market.

Shift Wear Sneakers Pattern Shifting Shoes

Shift Wear trainers as we call them here in the U.K are another fashion product using wearable technology that I think has the potential to break into the mainstream fashion market.  Light-up flashing shoes have been around for a while, currently only really worn by mini people under the age of ten.   Available only on pre-order with a deposit the trainer can be linked to a smart phone app that you can use to change the images on the shoe using the same e-ink technology as found in the kindle.  I have written about this technology before in my blog post about Smart Fabrics and how it could be used in fashion.  Controversially Shift Wear do not have even have a prototype, the images in the video above are computer generated says so it maybe while before we see them selling on the high-street.

To learn more about “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” check out the rest of my blog.

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