What is Fashion Technology? by Kiku Girl’s Collette Costello

Welcome to Kiku Girl the home of Fashion Technology, with informative blogs, events and tutorials discussing everything related to this new, exciting, innovative industry.  The fashion world is being turned on its head by the introduction of technology into everything from your retail experience, to design, styling and manufacturing processes.


So What is Fashion Technology?

Fashion Technology is the use of new technologies specifically within fashion such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (robots/ machines), Wearable Technology, Interactive Chemicals, E-inks, Smart Fabrics, 3D Printing and the Internet of Things.  Many of these things are the future of fashion which makes them so exciting, they are being developed now by scientists, engineers and will be part of your high-street fashion shopping experience in the future.  Everything from what your make-up, hair, clothing, handbags, shoes, sportswear, jewellery, tattoo’s can do and how its made.  To how you will shop, in stores, on-line, maybe using your phone, interactive glasses to make payments, find out information and receive advertisements.  All these Fashion Technologies may also effect the types of jobs, careers you do in the future, with more opportunities linked to fashion in STEM, Maths, Science, Engineering subjects.

Making Fashion Technology Fun!

Sounds complex, Kiku Girl aims to make learning about Fashion Technology fun, showing you great, trendy uses of technology in fashion that will make you want to wear the latest wearable to technology to concerts, on nights out, shop in high-street fashion stores of the future and get a career as a fashion technology designer.

Check out blog section “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” and Kiku Girl You Tube channel for all the latest in Fashion Technology, the future of fashion.

Learn more about Kiku Girl and the brains behind it me by checking out my blog post “Who is Kiku Girl’s Collette Costello?”.

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