About Kiku Girl Fashion Technology Blog by Collette Costello

Kiku Girl is the Home of the Future of Fashion Technology

“Making the complex world of technology simple to understand and personal to your life”.

Kiku Girl is a fashion blog for young people interested in fashion and technology, maybe as a hobby or looking to get a STEM career in fashion technology.  My blog posts, videos are about making the future of fashion, wearable technology more accessible to younger people, showing how new technologies can and will be used in the world of fashion design, manufacturing and retail.  I will be introducing you to fashion technology designers, companies, giving you DIY ideas with tutorials and reviewing the latest wearable tech brands, products.  Technology, industry is still an area where females are at a disadvantage, my blog promotes opportunities for women, including advice about surviving a career in fashion and starting a fashion company.

Accessibility Champion:

The idea now is there is no such thing as a disabled person, it is the items, environments that have not been designed to be accessible and are creating the disability.  Many young people are living with impairments, accessible, enabling fashion design means items need to be able to be customised, personalised and wearable, fashion technology creates lots of opportunities for this.  Kiku Girl will be focusing on reviewing wearable, fashion technology on how enabling it is to the a wearers impairment, with a “you can do it” attitude to inspire young women watching our videos, reading our blog posts.  Highlighting accessibility opportunities that new technologies bring to the UX experience.  Our simple to understand posts focus on fashion technology that enables the customer to communicate, control their environment by talking about how it will work in real life situations.

What you will get:

  • Simple Plain English.
  • Fun Ideas for Young People.
  • Accessibility for Impairments.
  • UX Real Life Situations.
  • Enabling rating system.
  • Communication Fashion Technology


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