3D Body Scanning, Virtual Try-on in Fashion Shops & On-line – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

3D Body Scanning will be part of shopping for fashion in the future, the idea is to help make it easier to buy clothes that actually fit on-line and in shops.  3D body scanners use a camera to take measurements from all your body and come up with a 3D computer generated model of your body.  They come in all shapes and sizes, a bit like bodies, some are big booths that you walk into like those found at airport security such as Size Stream, or are portable camera’s mounted on a table that scan you as you spin on a revolving base Shape Scale, a great one is a simple app on your phone called Nettelo that I can see being used in the future for on-line shopping.  To find a list of 3D body scanners that have been developed at the moment and what they have been designed to be used for including health, medical fitness or fashion, check out link “3D Body Scanners”.

The idea is that having a 3D scan of your body means that you can get clothes or have clothes tailor made that fit you perfectly, or in the case of on-line shopping will match your body with the perfect size of the dress you are interested in buying.  3D A Porter came up with this list below of why people do not buy clothes on-line, fit is a massive issue and creates loads of returns.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 14.20.40.png

Fashion Technology Blogger Never Shops for Clothes On-line

After a few failed attempts at on-line shopping, as a complete convert to doing all my shopping and dealings on-line where possible, clothes are one of the few things I have to go physically shopping for and I must admit I don’t enjoy it.  Unlike shopping on the internet I now find it a bit frustrating and don’t really buy many clothes now for that reason.  Firstly you go in the shop, they may or may not have a style you like, in your size and you could spend hours trawling for one shop to the next and back, I find it exhausting.  I find the prices are higher in shops and there is a pressure to buy there and then, if you do dare take something back the shop assistants can be so rude that they forget you were a customer spending your money with them in the first place.  So on-line shopping is a great alternative, however every time I have purchased clothes they arrive looking nothing like the photograph, fit really strange on me, so they have to sent back which is a hassle, especially as it can take a few days to get your money back.  Finally if you are not home, work full time, it can be hard to get the delivery and I have dealt with rude couriers from Hermes a number of times that refuse to redeliver my item at a time that does not suit them, I am sure you have had similar frustrations.

3D Body Scanner and Augmented Reality

The idea is that 3D body scan technology will be paired with augmented reality in fashion, so images of clothes can be computer generated on your body “Virtual Try-on”, meaning you no longer have to try clothes on to get an accurate image of how the clothes will actually look on you, perfect for on-line shopping.  Actual shops will have big screens also know as magic mirrors for your virtual try-on, augmented reality in fashion is something I have written a lot about in my blog, so learn more about what it is and see how it will be used in fashion retail shopping check out the following posts and videos to learn more.

Has 3D Body Scanning in Fashion got a Future?

As with all technology these ideas are great,  the issue with fashion is there is still a massive gap still between technology experts and fashion factories.  Factories often want to make clothes as quickly and cheaply as possible, they will often cut corners with good fit and cheap fabrics.  Photo-shoots for fashion clothing are often photo-shopped or the clothes pinned on models to make them look better in the advert so they sell.  We all come in different shapes and sizes so also it is impossible to make clothes that fit, look good on everyone and that are fashionable.  3D body scanners would work well for tailor made clothing to get accurate measurements, however I predict that the idea of the virtual try-on will be a bit like seeing the model wearing dress in the photograph and it won’t accurately show exactly how the dress will fit on you, more give you an idea of how ideally it would look.  I just can’t see fashion factories, on-line companies making computer models, measuring accurately the clothes they are selling in each size available, it would just take up to much time and drive up costs.

To learn more about “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” check out the rest of my blog and see me on You Tube Kiku Girl Fashion Technology channel.  

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