Fabrican Spray on Clothes Instant 3D Garments – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

Fabrican spray on clothing really is something for the distant future, invented by Manel Torres the fabric comes in a spray can and is literally sprayed onto the body to make clothes, it sets hard and needs to be then be cut off the body.  It is great to imagine that clothes would no longer need to made in factories or sold in shops, you could simply buy a can and spray your clothes on in the morning, that they would all fit you perfectly. 

Fabrican is good for catwalk fashion as featured in the video, however unsure if people would want to be seen in clothes that are simply a coating on their skin, no hiding them lumps and bumps then.  Also it would mean wearing a skin-tight body suit everyday unless you were creative enough to spray on an amazing outfit.  It’s other us is for medical purposes, such as acting as a bandage for broken bones, this is a much better use and an area such technology would be valuable in, interesting idea for fashion however.

To learn more about “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” check out the rest of my blog and see me on You Tube Kiku Girl Fashion Technology channel.  

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