Mobile Nail’s Phone Wearable Technology from O2 in Harvey Nichols – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series


Mobile Nails is a wearable technology phone that is built into the false nail, made in collaboration between O2, Nails Inc and is accessible for the public to have a go (Dec 17) at Harvey Nichols.  It is the first ever mobile phone of its kind to be actually a part of the body, could this be the start of wearable technology turning us into fashion robots with technology becoming apart of us?  Invented by Sean Miles the idea is that your hand becomes a headset you can speak into when making calls, it is paired with the phone in your pocket via bluetooth so you can also listen to music through it and other features.

Mobile nails is definitely the first piece of fashion technology worn on the body that I could imagine selling in a shop.  I really like the way this phone technology has been turned into a fashion item, worn like a piece of jewellery and can be customised to suit the customer by changing the colour and style of their nails, making it personal to the wearer.  This shows that the designer was actually thinking about how fashion is important to people with each person having their own style, something that wearable technology designers forget very often and design technology clothing with fashion as an after thought.

To learn more about “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” check out the rest of my blog and see me on You Tube Kiku Girl Fashion Technology channel.  


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