Hair Styling of the Future, Fashion Technology – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series


Hair styling of the future could be an exciting place, an explosion of colour, think hairstyles from the futuristic film The Hunger Games.  Unicorn hair has been everywhere on Instagram and more celebrities, people are sporting colourful dyed hair.  I believe this trend will continue and hair styles will become more experimental mixing hair and fashion technology into the future.  

IGK HAIR – Foamo Holographic Hair Foam

Foamo Holographic hair foam is available to buy at the moment and has a real futuristic feel when it is applied to the hair, making it shimmer and shine like a hologram.

Guy Tang – Glow in the Dark Hair 

Like unicorn, rainbow hair, glow in the dark hair dyes add bright neon colours that shows up in UV lighting.  Celebrity hair stylist Guy Tang has developed his own range of Glow in the Dark hair dyes to compliment his metallic collection.

Unseen – Fire Dye

The Unseen fashion technologist experimental brand, have made a Fire hair dye that changes colour when exposed to light and heat.  It is not available to buy at the moment, something to look out for in the future.

Vivids – Mood Colour

Vivid’s Mood Colour hair dye is very similar to the idea behind Fire from The Unseen and this one is already on sale.  The hair dye temporarily changes colour when heated, such as when heated by hair straighteners.  The makers claim it is the first of its kind and it is impressive to see hair changing colour.

The Glow Company – LED Extensions

Light-up LED dresses are massive in fashion technology, however no one seems to have done it for hair.  Light-up hair extensions to buy are bit gimmicky, aimed at ravers, children’s parties and look a bit tacky.  So one for the future an untapped area, could you be the first fashion technology celebrity hair stylist, that brings us stylish light-up hair?

To learn more about “Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology” check out the rest of my blog and see me on You Tube Kiku Girl Fashion Technology channel.  

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