Clothing Security, Counterfeit & Fashion Production Label Trackers – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

Branded clothing is big business, are you one of the millions that is more willing to pay extra for a pair of designer label jeans?  Maybe you shop in certain fashion shops because you know their clothes are made in a sustainable way, not in sweat shops. 

Dienpi & Gemetiq

Fashion Technology means that labels using NCF chips can be added to clothing that when scanned will show the production history of your garment, such as what country, factory it was made in.  The labels developed by Dienpi and Gemetiq should mean that if you are paying extra for a designer fashion item you can be sure it is real, scanning the label will show it is genuine.  I like the idea of being able to track how clothes are made, to ensure fair treatment of workers, however the truth is if you are buying knock of, fake fashion, usually you know it is fake and you are buying it because it looks good but is half the price, however could be good for buying vintage designer clothing on-line through web-sites like E-bay.  Very often big brands will say they only produce clothing in an ethical way and then it comes out on the news that factories they use have been employing children and people on below minimum wage, so even if the labels are programmed to say one thing can we believe it and what is to stop people making fake labels for fake clothes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 15.31.08.png

Zip and Go

Zip and Go adds extra security through a fashion technology zip added to purses and handbags, you can track on your phone if the zip has been opened or to track the item if lost or stolen.  Nothing more annoying then losing your purse, a product that I believe would be useful if built into purses, handbags as standard.  Another clever feature is that the zip could track what items you have put into your handbag and send you reminders if you forget anything important such as your car keys.  Zip and Go by Philippe Tourrette was shown in the Wearable Lab at Premier Vision, an area at the famous fashion trade show dedicated to showing ideas for the future of fashion.

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