Style.Me 3D Virtual Styling Set to Revolutionise On-line Stores – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

Style.Me is a really exciting piece of augmented reality software that could be found being used by all on-line fashion stores in the future.  Like the on-line fashion boom where brands such as Miss-guided, Boohoo and ASOS were born, this could be the next big thing to hit the on-line fashion clothing world and encourage us to shop even more on-line.  


How it works is if you are a on-line fashion customer you go to your favourite on-line shop, displayed next to the clothing on sale will be your personalised virtual fitting room, in it a 3D scanned model of you.  To learn about how 3D Body Scanning works for on-line fashion shopping check out my blog post “3D Body Scanning, Virtual Try-on in Fashion Shops & On-line”.  You will then simply click on the outfit you like and it will appear on your 3D model so you can see how it would look, fit on you without even having to get up from the sofa.  Style.Me have a demo on their web-site where you can have ago at putting virtual clothing on a 3D model.

Fashion Company

The fashion companies will easily be able to set-up shops using Style.Me by 3D scanning the clothing they have in stock and adding them to their brands dressing room ready for customers to virtually try-on.  I really think this software will catch-on and will be used as standard in the on-line fashion world over the next few years.

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