Holograms Virtual Retail Shop Assistants – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

Hologram customer service assistants maybe common place in the future, you will find them in clothes shops, on hotel receptions and airport checkin.  Like Alexia they should be intelligent enough to understand and answer questions, more friendly then a check-out touch screen. 

The holographic assistants are a form of augmented reality, a computer, digital image projected to make it appear they are actually real, you can even make holograms now using your mobile smart phone.  Would you be happy to have a chat with a virtual person, artificial intelligence companies offering this service such as PRSONAS and RICOH hope so.  Fashion has already embraced the hologram, with holographic models featured in shows by McQueen and Burberry, I believe a great use would be to have hologram models walking around clothes shops modelling the fashion on sale, rather then clothes on racks.

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