Beauty Technology, Make-up, Nails, Skincare – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series

Beauty technology is the future of the cosmetics industry and includes everything from make-up, skincare, nails and cosmetics.  Here are my top predictions with many featured at CES 2018, a big technology fair showing new technologies.  

Lumi Deco Nail –  LED fake nails that light-up when a NFC is activated, so your nails will light-up when you make a contactless payment or scan your pass to get on the bus, tube.  If you are a computer wizz they can even be programmed to do things such as un-lock your laptop.

F.lashes lashes – Eyelashes that light-up and change colour when you blink, see my blog post  “Light-up LED Eyelashes F.lashes & Shift Wear Trainers” for more information.

Modiface – Augmented reality used by beauty companies such as L’oreal, using either the screen on your phone or in-store you can see virtually how lip-stick, eye-shadows will look on you without having to actually try them on.

UV Sense – A small thin sticker that is worn on your thumb and links to your phone, it detects UV exposure and lets you know when it is time to apply suncream.

Hi Mirror – A smart mirror that scans your skin for wrinkles, spots, textures and recommend creams, moisturisers based on this.

Skin 360 Skin Scanner – Like the smart mirror this monitors your skin, however the skin scanner is an attachment for your phone that links to an app giving you a personalised skincare routine.

Tooth Sensor – You are what you eat, this is a sensor that attaches to your tooth by Tuft’s University and it monitors what you are eating, promoting a healthier lifestyle by letting you know your daily sugar, salt and alcohol intake.

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