Fashion in 2050, E-tattoos, Life-logging, Implants & Bio-clothing – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series


Over hundreds of years technology has come and gone, in the past fashion designers have tried built them into clothes, everything from the pocket watch to radios built into jumpsuits and the bizarre such as telephone hats.  We have had the bluetooth earpiece when mobile phones first came out, Google glasses which people used for a short time with people still preferring to carry around a mobile phone in their pocket or handbag.  So what does the future hold for fashion in 2050, technology that interacts directly with our bodies may become the norm and the blurring of the digital and real world.  

E-tattoos – They work like a touch screen on your smart phone, instead with these’s electronic tattoo’s the sensors are on your skin, developed by researchers including Skin Marks.

Bio-clothing – Clothing made from Synthetic Biology that is actually living, a bit like a plant.  Pro-cell shoes are an example, they would be 3d printed and could regrow, repair themselves when damaged.  To get really sci-fi Neri Oxman has taken this idea one step forward, 3D printing bio-skins that could be used to protect the wearer from the atmosphere on different planets.

Implants – Why bother with wearable technology when we could just have implants placed in our brains and cameras in our eyes, (BCI’s) Brain Computer Interface’s.  Brain-chips are being trailed now more to treat health conditions, so checking your Facebook with thought alone maybe a while away.

Virtual Wearables – Less invasive then implants virtual wearables use augmented reality, so when wearing smart glasses, virtual reality headsets, controls for digital devices will appear on parts of your body.   Google Project Soil and Leap Motion with Keiichi Matsuda  are working on this technology.

Motion Sensors

Life-logging – Social media and smart phones mean that we regularly record many aspects of our daily lives, life logging means this is done 24 hours a day by wearing a small camera like “The Roader Time Machine”.

Hyper  Reality – A cross between the real and digital world, augmented reality at a rave.  By Keiichi Matsuda the idea is that by wearing for example Google glasses the whole world becomes like a video game, shopping is fun you can collect points and check your social media all at the same time.  To learn more about how Augmented Reality will be used in the future for shopping, check out my blog post “Smart Shops & Smart Fabrics, Future of Fashion Retail Top 10”.

Super Artificial Intelligence – Artificially Intelligent computer are already about in the form of Siri, Alexia and Echo Look, with hologram shop assistants planned that will be able to answer basic questions.  Super Artificial Intelligence is when a computer learns how to think for itself and could become cleverer then a human.  In fashion artificially intelligent computers are set to replace fashion designers and stylists, by looking at trends and coming up with new designs, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and Stitch Fix are exploring such technology.

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