Why Wearable Technology is Not in Fashion? – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series


Wearable technology is not yet selling in your local high-street fashion shop, this is due to a number of the reasons below.  The race is on, the first high-street fashion design company that can solve these issues and bring us light-up LED dresses, shirts that link to our smart phones will make a fortune.  

  • Washing – Electronics can be corroded and broken by water.
  • Manufacturing – Built in technology complicated for mass manufacturing process.
  • Technology – As it changes the piece of clothing becomes useless.
  • Battery – Storing, charging energy to power technology in a small battery.
  • Everyday Use –  Technology needs to be used everyday, clothing is changed daily.
  • Cost – If every wardrobe piece has to have latest technology it gets expensive.
  • Individuality – Clothing is personal expression, technology would have to fit into all styles.

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