3D Printed Fashion, Clothing, Accessories, Jewellery and Shoes – Fashion Futures & Wearable Technology Series


3D printed fashion is big news, as wearable technology companies are searching for the idea that will hit the mainstream and make millions, experimenting with anything from 3D printed dresses, shoes, to clothes you can order and print yourself at home.  Some designers like Iris Van Herpen have developed 3D printed dresses, they are expensive and not really practical.  Another idea is to use 3D print to make tailor made garments like in Janne Kyattanen’s project lost luggage, predicting that in the future we will re-print our belongings when we arrive at our travel destination, cutting down on the need to carry luggage, imagine!  I have done my own work with 3D printed fashion and feel the best use is for small details like buttons, clothing labels or contactless payment key-rings.

Catwalk 3D Printed Fashion:

High-Street 3D Printed Fashion:

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