Prom Dress Shopping – Accessible Fashion Technology

This fun Fashion Technology accessibility video, is about shopping for your prom dress.  

  • Good for body impairments.  

You Can Fashion! You can read what is being said below when watching the video.

  • Prom Night will soon be here and yes Cinderella you shall go to the ball!
  • Do you love prom dress shops, but find it difficult trying on loads of dresses?
  • Maybe your accessibility is effected by Muscle Wastage, Prosthetics or even ADHD.
  • Instead use the Style Me virtual mirror, found in the dress shop of the future.
  • Using something called augmented reality, the dresses selling in the shop appear instantly on your body in the mirror.
  • Quickly and easy change the dress colour, style without needing any help dressing!
  • Making prom dress shopping more accessible in the future.

Top Kiku Girl Picks!  Find out more about the items, brands featured in the video.

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